Buy Instagram Followers UK

Buy Instagram Followers UK

Buy UK Instagram Followers to go viral, popular and onto the explore feed! Whenever your Instagram profile has more followers, users will perceive you as someone who has a great community following your account. Get Instagram followers instantly delivered to you today, all high quality and cheap!



Instagram Followers

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Instagram Followers

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Instagram Followers

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Instagram Followers

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Instagram Followers

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Instagram Followers

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Instagram Followers

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Instagram Followers

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Instagram Followers

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Real UK Followers From Real People

Instagram followers have boosted thousands of profiles in to the explore feed. Choose SMMservices followers now and become an Instagram success.



No waiting. No delays. We instantly provide you with Instagram followers. All followers are provided from REAL people


Since 2012, we've offered the UK's highest quality Instagram followers. All followers are genuine, cost-effective and targeted.


If you have any issues with your Instagram followers, please do not hesitate to contact our customer care team!

How it's Easy to Buy More Instagram Followers

Learn how you can grow your UK Instagram following through our advice and tips!

For secure payments and keeping payments simple, we accept all major card payments. All payments are instant and we do not store any of your card details.

Your payments are processed through bank-grade security for your convenience and peace of mind. Rest assured you’re safe!

In short and full, NO! You don’t have to give your password at all. Just ensure that your profile is set to public and NOT to private so that our real UK followers can start following you. They will simply hit “follow” and that’s it!

To avoid, a ban from Instagram, we recommend you to continue only with a reputable agency to buy followers that have been established for as long as we are.

We keep an eye on your account for 30-days after you place your order. If you lose any UK followers, we will immediately reimburse your account with UK followers to make up for your order through SMMservices Auto-Refill.

All of our followers are compliant with Instagram’s community guidelines, so you’ll have them as long as you keep your Instagram account active and not deactivated.

You can organically get more UK Instagram followers through sending a direct message to users asking them to follow you back.

Another way is to run competitions on your package asking for followers, and then send the prize at a random pick. But while you do all of this, it is best to provide yourself with a follower boost through one of our services.

All of our Instagram UK followers are legal. The myth of buying followers being illegal is as true as pigs that can fly!

You can avoid any troubles from Instagram simply by choosing to buy Real Instagram followers which is something we offer by default. Rest assured with over 70,000 satisfied orders, you’re in good hands.

With SMMservices we provide you with High quality followers approved by us. We do this by handcrafting a team who use advanced Instagram analytics to monitor which Instagram accounts have the most authority and the highest quality.

These analytics includes an account’s followers, likes, and number of regular engagements and age of the account. So you can be rest assured that we provide you with only the most Premium followers from Instagram.

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As trusted leaders of providing UK Instagram Followers, we’ve been able to serve over 75,000+ customers. Check out what customers are saying about us:

"Getting active followers from SMMservices helped a tonne! We were much smaller but now we're one of the largest watch providers. Thank you."
Adam Sendler
"SMMservices delivered quick and real followers. The followers intereacted with our Christmas Sale promotion on Instagram and it sky-rocketed our Q4 sales."
Mila Kunis
"I highly recommend SMMservices. In just a few days I have significantly grown our Instagram account and noticed we're on the explore feed!"
Mike Sendler

Reasons you should Buy Instagram Followers

If you’re serious about increasing sales, increasing organic views – then getting Instagram followers is a huge part of your Insta-brand.

Why Should You Buy UK Instagram Followers

The Instagram social media platform boasts a total of 1 billion monthly active users as of 2019, 50% of those are scrolling through their feed each day. Just think about how much money you could make if you took even a small pie of that percentage!

As you may have already experienced, using Instagram to find more customers is difficult when you don’t have the right amount of UK followers. That’s where purchasing Instagram UK followers give you a head start!

Don’t just think about your followers, but also think about what your audience, influencers, potential business partners are thinking of you? With a higher count of Instagram followers, you’ll impress any user who is interested in your page, perceiving your page as socially influential, authoritative and trustworthy.


How much does it cost to buy Instagram followers in the UK?

Before you came on SMMservices, chances are you’ve seen other websites provide you with great promises and high-quality followers! Which is as true when pigs can fly! At the current market rate, you can get £1 per 1,000 followers, but what do you get?

The truth of the matter is you’ll get accounts following you, controlled by fake automated bots, or worst of the case, a shadow-ban from Instagram.

Since 2012, SMMservices has offered UK followers for as low as £1.00 for one hundred followers. Invest in getting real followers that your Instagram page deserves. Getting authentic Instagram followers that actively engage with your posts results in increased revenue and social proof.

So knock two birds with one stone, and purchase Instagram followers with SMMservices!

Why do brand owners choose SMMservices?

On the explore page you can quickly see the major brands getting tonnes of views. Brands understand that the average user spends 53 minutes a day on Instagram.

London based brands such as Starbucks, Ben & Jerrys, Sephora are utilising their social influence to target the 71% of Instagram users around the globe are under the age of 35. The only way to do this is through buying Instagram followers which will give you the social influence you need.

SMMservices offers your brand the social media strength it requires as we’re one of the longest-serving Instagram services on the internet. Since 2012, we’ve been involved in the social media space from the days of early days of Zuckerberg’s Facebook.


Buying Instagram Followers at SMMservices

With SMMservices we provide you with High quality followers approved by us. We do this by handcrafting a team of seven who use advanced Instagram software to monitor which IG accounts have the most authority and the highest quality. These analytics include an account’s:

  • Followers
  • Likes
  • Video views
  • The average engagement
  • Age of the follower’s account
  • The types of different posts (e.g. writing, sunsets, colours)
  • Most popular day of the week

So you can kick back, relax! Knowing that we don’t offer substandard unengaged bots. We offer only legitimate, active, engaged Instagram followers to compliment your brand’s page. High-quality followers avoid short term gains and provide you with long term benefits.

Benefits to Buy Instagram Followers cheap?

By getting Instagram followers for a cheaper price, you immediately lower your brand’s barrier to entry and can start being perceived as a huge brand as quick as possible. You can start ploughing your money towards your Instagram’s branding, content and quality of posts. Remember being frugal – not cheap, is the name of the game.

But be wary when you buy budget Instagram followers from other non-reputable companies. Ensure that when you’re buying economical followers, that the social media marketing agency provides you with:

  • Active and legitimate followers that engage with your post
  • Fast delivery to your Instagram account
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Superb customer service (replies within 2-3 hours)
  • Bank grade security for secure payments

Is it safe to buy followers on Instagram?

So now you’re ready to promote your business and brand on Instagram but you’re worried if it’s risky or if it is safe? Well as Warren Buffett said:

“Risk comes from not knowing what you’re doing.”

If you’re purchasing Instagram Followers from a reputable company then what’s there to be concerned about? Eliminate the risk of losing your money and affecting your account, by researching the Instagram service provider’s history, how much orders they’ve fulfilled and the reviews displayed on their website. You can tell if the reviews are genuine and authentic, believe it or not – they should be from people like me and you trying to grow their Insta-brand!

How long does it take to deliver?

The 3-step process is a piece of cake! You enter your details, make payment and that is it! Your order will be on its way. Starting approximately 2 minutes after payment is complete.

From over 13-years of experience in the social media industry, we’ve tailored our service, so that you can get your followers as soon as possible. From 1000s of client feedback, it has always been our pleasure to provide the fastest and highest quality UK followers in the market!


Will it affect my Instagram account?

Buying followers has been safe for the last 7-years, from the birth of Instagram’s social media platform. Your SMMservices followers will never affect your account neither will it lead to a shadowban as all of our followers have to meet certain criteria as mentioned above. After all, we’re in it for the long run not for short term gains.

The only time you can get shadow bans from Instagram is not from your followers, but from copying word for word captions and also duplicating your competitor’s posts, and publishing it on to your page.

All of our followers are compliant with Instagram’s Terms and Conditions which has allowed us to provide this for years and continue making customers successful! For this reason, you can sleep at night knowing your Instagram account is 100% safe!

Free Tips to Boost Your Instagram Followers 2020

In 2020, these free tips are a must if you want to boost your IG following

Increasing your sales with incredible posts

First, define a clear focal point. Our brains love simplicity while the objective being shown. Too much happening in an IG post will confuse your viewer and overwhelm them.

Your fans and followers desire consistency in colours, brightness and contrast. So if you’re regularly posting dark photos, then stick with posting dark photos. If it is of a selfie photo, then stick with selfie photos! Consistency will give your posts more of a branded feel.

Excite your followers

You want to excite both your followers and the Instagram algorithm. Start by posting Monday to Sunday to see which times are your peak times for your engagement. Once you’ve determined the peak time of the day and the peak day to post, start focusing your time and energy towards making scheduled posts – so that you only post at the most peak times. You can learn how to schedule a post here.

Finetune your page with Instagram Analytics

The largest companies in the world such as Netflix, Amazon and T-Mobile are utilising big data. Data is shaping the way we perceive our ideal customer – and we can also determine their future behaviour.

Instagram Analytics is real-time data based off your IG page. Once you start gaining momentum after buying Instagram Followers, you will start to see your analytics change dramatically in data. Use that data to tailor your page according to what your demographics demands. E.g. if most of your IG page viewers are from a specific city like Manchester, start creating content based around Manchester.

Boost your engagement

Instagram, according to their algorithm wants to see how long a user has spent viewing the post, caption and if they like the post, then how long it has taken to like the post.

The most effective way to get organic post engagement is a great caption that your viewers can resonate with. First and foremost keep it brief with a maximum of 3 different emojis. Using emojis is a great way to convey your emotions through the caption.

It also helps set the tone for the caption. Just like images, emojis speak a thousand words. Established UK brands such as BooHoo, Jaguar end their caption off with a question for feedback and opinion. So get creative in boosting your engagement with a killer caption!

Keep your followers on their toes with Instagram stories

People prefer Instagram stories now more than ever. Thanks to the Snapchat user interface that went viral, the concept of Instagram stories was easy to adopt for IG users. Think, if you were in your viewer’s shoes, what type of story will you find engaging? If your Instagram story without a sticker is dull, then with it will still be dull.

Post between one to seven stories a day. Maintain a consistent theme in your story. Stories are not like IG posts where you see which post gets the best engagement. IG Stories is all about requesting feedback and seeing if your followers are organically growing as you continue to post. So it’s nice to personally message your followers for feedback.

Go live to build a relationship with followers

Thousands of brands are jumping on the Instagram Live bandwaggon to capitalise its benefits. Going on IG Live will instantly build a relationship with your followers. If you’re shy, then that’s fine – you can create short live clips. Get creative and brainstorm what you want to do before you go live.

Take your followers on a journey into your personal life and the creation of your brand – an IG live session that will see you less corporate and more friendly. IG Live is a great method to break the ice and be as transparent as possible. Answer difficult questions from your followers and reassure them with your satisfaction guarantees, your team and your story.

Get followers from influencers

Majority of brands rely on influencer marketing for viral growth, and so should you. Drive traffic to your page, by getting in contact with influencers. They will easily accept posting on their Instagram page from £30 per 300,000 followers. Ask for their page analytics and see if their demographics include the audience you want to target. E.g. you want to target specifically Leeds then ensure it is one of the cities listed in the page analytics.

Be found on the explore feed

Using hashtags is an exclusive way to be noticed on the IG explore feed. Hashtags are used by Instagram to categorise your post. Limit your usage of hashtags to 3-4. These hashtags should be targeting niche hashtags where you know you will be found. To get on to the explore feed, you should be posting unique posts that revolves around your brand and great content. Post only on UK peak times:

  • Monday: 7pm GMT and 10pm GMT
  • Tuesday: 3am GMT and 10pm GMT
  • Wednesday: 5pm GMT GMT
  • Thursday: 7am GMT and 11pm GMT
  • Friday: 1am GMT and 8pm GMT
  • Saturday: 12am GMT and 2am GMT
  • Sunday: 5pm GMT

Increase your Instagram followers now

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